2 Graveley Way

We found this Grade II listed property in a very poor state with no lights or heating, boarded up windows, damp, sagging roof, overgrown land and nicotine stained walls. It was basically uninhabitable.

Originally it had been a Georgian farm cottage which was then split into two cottages in the Victorian era. We wanted to take it back to being one property and as we reconfigured the rooms, to make the flow of the interior better, we uncovered original doorways from when it was one dwelling. We were taking it back to how it once looked.

We had 18 months of work before it could be partly lived in and lots of challenges from the local conservation department, which we were able to overcome. We have designed a house that reflects its past but has been brought it into the 21st century.

It is now a relaxed four bedroom family home with comfortable interiors to reflect the once humble farm cottage. One of the best features is the beautiful inglenook which we uncovered and is the focal point at the heart of the house. The timber clad extension, which sits where the original coal shed was, adds a modern TV room with vaulted ceilings, quite different to the cosy feel of the rest of the house.

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