Manor Cottage

It’s hard to believe that this lovely Victorian cottage had been allowed to fall into such disrepair as it is located in such a prime location, overlooking a beautiful village green.

It had been rented over many years and it showed. Any repairs had been just patches. We replaced the metal windows and changed the sizes so they balanced the facade of the building. After extensive re-modelling inside and extensions to the rear the cottage now has a large living area, and a state of the art kitchen opening into what is the crowning glory, a David Salisbury Conservatory.

Despite the age of the cottage there were no historical features remaining so we added a new fireplace, boxed beams hiding new steel work and installed traditional horizontal sash windows. In fact every surface was replaced, walls, floors, ceilings, with new plumbing, wiring and heating plus a large part of the roof was replaced.

Manor Cottage is now a very comfortable and beautiful place to live.


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