The Old George

The Old George, once a two storey public house dating back to early 18th century, had been significantly remodeled several times in 1950s and again in 1970s. It was completely re-roofed, the original chimney stacks removed and converted into ‘modern’ bungalow thereby losing its original charm, form and character. The property then became progressively rundown and by 2009 had been uninhabited for 18 months.


Working closely with the local conservation team, we undertook a detailed sympathetic and challenging restoration of the property based on its original form; creating a new second storey complete with period dormers and original clay peg tiles to create the exquisite building shown in the photographs.

Located between two listed buildings, The Old George now comfortably compliments and enhances the local conversation area street scene.


The Old George is now a spacious, light and comfortable home, cherished by those who live there.

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